Case Study: Deloitte

For Deloitte, we created a mobile-ready, online mentoring
platform for their new early talent recruits.

The Challenge

Provide Deloitte’s early talent hires with an excellent and personal candidate
experience, making an impact that matters to them and showing them their
value to the firm at the outset.

What we achieved

Increased engagement with new starters being able to voice any of their
questions to a mentor in an open and safe environment in the lead-up to
Day 1, providing a better candidate experience.

Our Solution

We curated an online mentoring platform which was live from April
through to early September. New starters were encouraged to connect with
current Deloitte “buddies” who were working in the same service line. This
provided each new joiner with a personal opportunity to ask questions. This built confidence about their upcoming role, and meant they already started
to develop professional and personal relationships with current employees. Tailored reports were then sent monthly to the Deloitte
recruitment team allowing them to assess and monitor the impact of the
platform. Here are the stats you need to know!

  • 75% of candidates who signed-up to the platform communicated with
  • Candidates rated the average experience 9.2/10
  • 90% candidates felt it was a great way to welcome them to the firm
  • 63 new early talent hires were invited to join the
    platform when they received their offer