How Do You Find Candidates with the Mindset to Future-Proof Your Company?

Finding, keeping and future-proofing your workforce is a huge challenge. So how do you go about creating the team that will elevate your company to the next level? Grant Thornton’s commissioned Censuswide research surveyed 1000 senior decision-makers in UK businesses. Subsequently, they found that 1 in 2 are struggling to find talent with the right skills. By solely hiring through the traditional combination of academic qualifications and work experience, you risk overlooking large pools of talent. Therefore, it is key to adopt a growth mindset.

To diversify your business and bring in fresh ideas, you can teach technical and digital skills to talent who have less conventional attributes. For instance those candidates who are entrepreneurial, and have empathy and creativity. Consequently, those with the right mindset will be able to be up-skilled. However, those without it will be far less likely to drive growth for your business.

How to Find Candidates with a Mindset for Growth

One of the most direct ways you can do this is to challenge traditional talent acquisition routes. MyKindaFuture can help you look at different areas from which to hire new talent. Get in touch to find out how!

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