The ISE’s ‘Delivering Apprenticeships’ Conference

Honorary Vice President of the Institute of Student Employers, Simon Reichwald, shares his key takeaways from this year’s ISE ‘Delivering Apprenticeships’ conference.

Questions Companies Should Ask Themselves

How do we acquire the capability and source the skills we need?

Do we build, buy or borrow?

What skills are toughest to acquire per office location?

Mental Health in the Workplace

The challenge for employers now is to create a working environment which supports all staff to live happy, healthy and successful working lives.

Firstly, data shows that 75% of people are languishing. Some young people come into work with poor mental health and this has a huge impact on them and their employer. Consequently, at MyKindaFuture, we believe in building a culture where everyone can flourish.

Top Tips for Creating a Supportive Environment

  • Grow a community and leverage tech to support them.
  • Run a series of engaging workshops.
  • Support both the transitions into work, and the in-work rotations.
  • Build the right support framework.
  • Foster open and honest dialogue.
  • Prepare line managers thoroughly.

How to Set Your Business Up for Success with Apprenticeships

To do this, ask yourself these questions:

What capabilities and skills are you seeking to address through apprenticeships, so that you can ‘build’ rather than ‘buy’?

To what extent are apprenticeships driving your diversity?

What are your measures of success?


What we uncovered during the day was how everyone agreed that social mobility is now a business imperative, not just a ‘nice to have.’ Secondly, a common issue that keeps arising is how companies are attracting more diverse talent, but then struggling to retain and nurture them.

One of the key roles for our industry, the ISE, and us as expert practitioners, is to do all we can to ensure young people (and their parents and educators) have all the information, so they can make an informed decision that is right for them.