Returners can be anyone who is returning from work after an extended period of time. For example, with 9 in 10 returners being women, targeting this talent pool helps to reduce the gender diversity gap and in turn, the pay gap. Most importantly, 3/4 of UK women who leave work to care for children or other relatives want to return to work at some point.

Therefore this pool of candidates are 2 million strong, and with an average age of 28 – 40.

Perceived barriers

The initial reticence to hiring returners can involve concerns regarding higher renege rates, more training, and a lack of confidence.

However, once you’ve identified that you should be tapping into this market, you need to clarify which type of returner you want to focus on.

1. Immediate returners

Those who are returning to work after a period of 6 months – 1 year for parental leave, who have left a role and will be returning back to it, in the same company.

2. Supported hires

Candidates who are joining new companies as part of a programme that involves hiring returners directly into permanent, experienced roles.

3. Returnships

Those who are a part of a fixed-term contract for experienced hires, with a strong chance of securing a permanent role at the end of the programme.


Why hire returners?

A Boost to the Economy

According to the Government Equalities Office, recruiting returners would increase the UK economy by 12%.

Certainly, the sheer volume of talented people who take a career break is having a major impact on the UK economy. For example, PwC found that bringing women back to work would generate an extra £1.7bn for the UK economy.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 1.8 million UK women, and 0.2 million men are not in paid employment as they are looking after family.

Additional Workplace Skills

Returners bring a range of developed skills that might have previously been overlooked when recruiting from existing talent pools.

  • Self-management
  • Problem solving
  • Crisis management
  • Willingness to learn
  • Resilience
  • Increased empathy

Resonate with Customers

To stand out amongst competitors, you need to show you’re hiring from diverse talent pools. In addition, without including returner talent, you risk limiting the number of customers that will be able to resonate with you.

Overall, hiring returners is a great way for you to increase your employee gender and age diversity. The competition for talent is tough and hiring returners is a great way to introduce an overlooked group into your company.

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