Optimising the Candidate Journey for Generation Z

In partnership with Hays, we hosted a webinar on how to leverage technology to optimise the candidate journey for Generation Z. In this session, we shared key insights on what to do throughout the entire application cycle, and how to position yourself as an employer of choice to maintain candidate engagement and reduce renege rates.

The Reasons For Gen Z Reneges

A poor application experience impacts attraction and retention, and perhaps most damaging for a company’s reputation, it will get posted on Glassdoor.

  • Just over two fifths of Gen Z professionals say they have left at least one job in the first year because it did not match the expectations formed during the application process.
  • 56% of new starters say that the training offered wasn’t as expected.
  • 40% said the salary and benefits were oversold.
  • 39% said job ads were misleading.
  • 32% said the hours of work were not as expected
  • 30% said the cultural fit wasn’t right.

How You Can Live Up to Expectation

One of the first things you can do is to check your social media, website and overall online presence to ensure that the experience offered is consistent. However, this doesn’t stop when an employee hits the desk – you have to deliver on your promise.

It’s been discovered that Gen Z only consider companies with strong brand values, and an evidenced commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. Be sure to make yours clear and direct to attract talent.

  • 76% of Gen Z applicants would consider abandoning their application if the process took longer than 15 minutes.

Firstly, during the application process you can add more drop down menus, present clear text, and then gather more information later in the process. Gen Z have a short attention span and you need to keep them engaged. One way you can do this is to give them a clear indication of how long things will take.

The Interview Stage

64% of Gen Z candidates want confirmation of moving to interview stage within one week of applying to a position, but 36% of employers take over a week. Although this may not be an attainable goal, is there anything you can do to streamline the process?

By building rapport and engagement, and doing what you say you’ll do, you’ll be more likely to retain candidates at this stage. 54% of respondents want to know if they have a job within 3 days, and it’s important to remember the competition for talent is strong. Therefore, find out if they have other job offers at this point.


They’ve accepted the job and they’re waiting to start, so it seems like the hard part is done. However, pre-boarding is the often overlooked step. It’s imperative that you build a sense of belonging before candidates join an organisation.

With a strong pre-boarding process, you’ll see a 25-75% reduction in reneges. This, in turn, impacts your ROI and cost per hire. What you can do to retain your talent at this stage is to maximise engagement from when they accept, and add a short, valuable induction period.

The Outcome

Katherine Dodge from Atkins shared her experience of using connectr for their hiring process.

‘In 2019 we used connectr for attraction and pre-boarding and it’s been a fantastic journey so far. On the attraction side, it’s been a huge success – more so than we could have imagined. As the offers rack up we are able to nurture these candidates. We know that they want access to info when it suits them, they want it personalised, and they want it on a tech platform – and connectr covers all of these.

Connectr is about offering the opportunity for everyone to engage and connect with our people. It provides great information for people who want that support and more. It’s the perfect platform to show our values, who we are, and to deliver a sense of belonging. We’ve found that candidates are really resonating with the content we’re sharing, and it’s been fantastic for attraction.’

To sum up…

There are lots of things you can do to connect and attract, but they’re often very manual and it’s far easier to employ a tech platform. Ultimately, anything that isn’t tech will take a lot of physical time and energy for your employees.

Why not find out more about what connectr can do for your renege rates?