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New Version of Connectr Launched to Support Furloughed Employees

Many of you have reached out over the last week to ask us about support for furloughed staff. As a result, we’ve developed a new version of Connectr.

Why we need support for furloughed staff

We know that furloughed employees aren’t allowed to access work platforms, making it difficult for companies to stay in touch. Consequently, we’ve created this third party option that allows you to legally offer support for furloughed staff. As Connectr is a third party platform, you’re able to encourage engagement and interaction with employees.

What it can offer your furloughed workforce

Connectr offers regular news and company updates, helpful advice and new learning modules. This full range of support ensures your employees can maintain a sense of belonging, and not feel left behind over the next few months. You’ll also be able to provide well-being tips, personal development programmes, and suggestions on preparing for coming back to work.

In addition, Connectr has the option of ‘mentors’, allowing staff to get support and advice on the subjects most troubling them. Helping your staff feel valued will ensure they remain committed and loyal throughout their time away. When the pandemic starts to ease, those placed on furlough will undoubtedly find it easier to transition back, having been kept abreast of company news, and been engaging with learning modules.

 Popular ‘Mentors’ function featured below:

Support for furloughed staff

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