How are you engaging with your staff?

Maximise productivity post C-19.

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How You Can Prepare

The Confederation of British Industries has been hosting daily webinars for businesses since the start of the crisis. Here’s their latest insights based on government updates.

  • There won’t be a ‘business as usual’ model as we ease lockdown, but instead, two challenges. Firstly, things will be different and no-one knows how yet. Secondly, even as people start coming back to work, there will be uncertainty and further change will happen at speed. If we thought we lived in a VUCA* world before, the pandemic has super-charged it.

How can we therefore best prepare for a return to work? We know it will be a staged return, with more people working from home, and a wider use of technology and digital platforms. As a business, do you know how you will support your workforce to not just come back, but to thrive? Certainly, to succeed in the fast changing new world that is still full of uncertainty, you’ll need to maximise productivity.

Employee Engagement

  • Employee engagement is key, and this is also linked to productivity. The more engaged your employees are, the more productive they will be. In order to feel engaged, they will need to have trust and feel confident you’re putting their safety first.

The challenge to consider is how you’ll be able to instil that sense of safety consistently, at scale, and authentically.

Looking Ahead to Growth

  • We should be aiming to come back better. For a number of businesses it is currently about survival, but after that has to come growth. To drive that growth, you’ll need to think about sustainability, fairness, environmental, and inter-generational impact.

When everyone starts coming back to work in big numbers, how we have behaved as a business and treated our workforce will have an impact. This will be reflected in the staff we retain during this time, and the quality of our new hires.

What have you done to ensure you stand out as an example of how to treat your co-workers?

To help organisations prepare their people and their business, we have had great success with our HR tech platform, Connectr. With high engagement levels, lower renege rates, and a greater sense of belonging instilled, it’s a vital tool during this time. With our assistance, you can support your furloughed and non-furloughed staff, and succeed in the VUCA world, both now and in the future.


*A managerial business term meaning volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.