How to Be Agile

Over the past few weeks we have been leading by example and pivoting our Connectr platform to be a support for furloughed employees. Being agile and innovating is key to business success. As a result, we’ve been hosting webinars in partnership with Grant Thornton, to share with you how to support and reintegrate your workforce. Here’s our tips for getting back to market and full productivity quickly.

Culture and Purpose

Many companies have found renewed strength and importance in engaging both their workforce and their customers. Repositioning, or re-emphasising your purpose will be critical in engaging your team with your strategic objectives. In addition, without the physical togetherness of the workplace, understanding and establishing your organisation’s culture will continue to be important.

Agile working

Many businesses are considering adopting agile working more, as it’s added a significant amount of flexibility, and could also save on property costs. However, there’s the long term resilience of your workforce to also consider. Firstly, there would be an investment required to support people working remotely in the longer term. There could be increased sickness, through musculoskeletal challenges and the impact on mental health. Secondly, from an employer brand perspective, it’s important to consider how you’re viewed by future employees. Are you still an employer of choice for the best talent, without the office perks?


There will be significant changes to the talent pools and requirements over the coming months. To put yourself in a strong position, you need to have a clear strategic view of your business requirements. Reviewing how you attract, retain and develop talent and their skills will position your business well for the changing landscape.

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