My Environment, MyKindaFuture

MyKindaFuture have teamed up with The Chartered Surveyors Training Trust, to help their school programme, My Environment My Future, reach over 100 schools. Developed for students studying GCSE Geography, the course merges with the curriculum, enriching the delivery of the ‘Urban Environments’ module. It brings a fresh angle to studies for students and is accessible online. Also, it’s free and deliverable by teachers without extra training.

The Programme

The programme takes students through the process of a real-world construction project. Along with the support of industry specialists, and site visits, there’s the chance to win cash prizes. There are also work placements and visits to iconic development sites.

The projects make up one of the most exciting elements of the programme. Firstly, students and teachers are given guidance through the planning process of a building/landscape development, and the creation of a new development or regeneration proposal. Then, students work collaboratively and think about the real-world applications of their new knowledge. Judged by industry professionals, students produce a presentation or video to enter. Subsequently, prizes are awarded to the most comprehensive, complete and creative.

My Environment, My Future completed its pilot year in March, and the programme was well received by teachers and students. Before the programme, 90% of students felt it was unlikely they’d consider careers in the Built Environment. As a result of the programme, a total of 65% were then open to the idea. Consequently, The CSTT wanted to develop the programme and reach 100 schools.

MKF and The CSTT

The CSTT has teamed up with MyKindaFuture to achieve the objective of reaching 100 schools. To publicise the resource to the schools that need it most, we’ll reach out to over 400 schools across the Midlands and South of England.

Will Akerman, Founder and CEO at MyKindaFuture, said,

We are thrilled to be partnering with My Environment My Future on such an important project. We are passionate about providing young people with the opportunities that they deserve to succeed in life. We’re confident that the scheme will prove invaluable for pupils in the target areas, as well as positively impacting the Built Environment.”

Terry Watts, CEO of The CSTT concluded,

We have found a recipe with My Environment My Future, to engage schools and young people in the industrial scale awareness raising programme the Built Environment needs to address its future skills requirements. It is up to the sector and schools now to engage with the programme to show young people what exciting career opportunities there are in shaping the Built Environment of the future.”