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Announcing Connectr 2.0

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new version of our award-winning employee engagement platform, Connectr. It’s been designed with your business in mind, and the ongoing need to engage and retain talent.

Connectr was first designed to support those who have been repeatedly overlooked and unsupported. It does this by incorporating a host of resources devised specifically to build a strong sense of belonging amongst employees and prospects. Therefore, they feel valued, supported and motivated from the moment they apply for a role. It’s available for users to access at their convenience, combining tailored interactive learning modules, access to one-on-one digital mentoring and helpful forums. Employers can also share upcoming events and job vacancies.

Behavioural science

Our research showed that 80% of employees who don’t feel as though they belong within their company will leave within the next year. As a result, we developed Connectr in partnership with leading behavioural experts. Therefore, we’re ensuring that all aspects of the programme promote a vital sense of belonging for users. This is important at each stage – whether they are applying for a role, already working at the company, or are returning after extended leave. Most importantly, the behavioural science is incorporated into all aspects, from the language used, through to the mentors it displays.


Connectr incorporates elements of gamification, including modules remaining locked until others are completed, encouraging maximum engagement. In addition, the chat and forum functions were modelled on popular social media platforms, making the content accessible and intuitive.

Your business can ensure they get the most out of the platform through sophisticated reporting functions. Through visibility of platform use, you can adapt your content accordingly.

Connectr 2.0

Connectr 2.0

A statement from our CEO

Will Akerman, Founder and CEO:

“We know from years of experience and extensive research just how important building a sense of belonging is. It’s only the businesses that cultivate this feeling and ensure that all employees and prospective employees feel valued as individuals that will benefit from a happy, motivated and hardworking workforce. However, it can be a huge challenge to achieve this on a large scale, particularly when it comes to engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Some of them may have suffered previous experiences of being overlooked by prospective employers.

“Digital platforms offer a fantastic solution to the problem and offer businesses a way to engage with every single employee and applicant effectively, efficiently and in a way that resonates with them as an individual. We are passionate about connecting businesses with talented individuals from all walks of life. As such, we are confident that our new Connectr platform will provide employers with the tools they need to engage, hire and retain a diverse and talented workforce.”

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