The Future of Hiring

Next in our series of guest blog posts comes from MKF’s Recruitment Manager, Jack Hendon. As it seems as if everything has moved to a digital format, what does this mean for the future of hiring?

The New Normal

Everyone wants the world to return to normal. People are using the term ‘new normal’ as they begin to accept that for better or worse things have, and will, continue to change. Therefore, it’s inevitable that for hiring, the new normal will be digital. Now, employers are forced to pivot to digital solutions for their hiring needs. Virtual assessment centres, remote on-boarding platforms, and Skype interviews are the immediate new normal. But will they stay?

Digital Solutions

Attraction methods have been shifting towards digital for a few years now. Face-to-face careers events, networking events and physical brand collateral still exist and are effective, but the rise of social media campaigns, LinkedIn and job boards as tools for sourcing candidates has been sharp. Gone are the days of walking into a business with your CV and your head held high. We are now in a world where has had 244 million visits in the past 6 months.

Finding candidates online may not be a particularly revolutionary challenge, but for some companies screening them is. It’s typical to have a few online screening stages, such as an application form, online tests, and a video interview. But often hiring processes culminate in a face to face interaction, with an interview or an assessment centre. Companies are turning to technology to replace these crucial final stages. At MyKindaFuture, we’ll soon be running our first digital assessment centres, with final interviews being conducted over Skype and Zoom. We know that some companies are struggling to reconcile the idea of making that ‘final’ decision on someone without a face-to-face meeting but the reality is, at least for the foreseeable future, that it’s either hire digitally, or don’t hire at all.

In uncertain times, particularly for students, it’s absolutely crucial that companies are doing everything they can to support incoming candidates with digital pre-boarding and on-boarding processes. At MyKindaFuture, we’ve already had our first digital induction of a new employee. HR tech platforms like Connectr will increasingly become integral to ensuring your candidates make that journey from yes to desk. They enable employers to share important information and engage talent in a modern and immediate way. Video content, virtual team introductions, and LinkedIn groups are all becoming standard on-boarding techniques.

Face-to-Face – Gone Forever?

I’ve been asked several times recently if I think companies will shift to a solely digital hiring strategy going forward. My answer is always “I hope not.” Technology and its capabilities for employment processes are really exciting. There are, and will continue to be, amazing advancements that make life easier and better for employers and candidates alike. Tech also allows us to break down barriers to hiring from a wider pool of talent. Why potentially exclude candidates who can’t travel from Manchester to London for your assessment day, if it can all be done online?

However, with that said, face-to-face interactions are a valuable part of employment processes. Getting to meet the team, see the office space, network with potential future employees are all small building blocks of that wider journey for your candidates. I believe a sensible process that leverages technology for good, whilst retaining the value that face-to-face interactions can add, will and should be the future of hiring.