Mental Health Awareness Week

Well-being at MKF is part of our culture. We know how important it is to have a good work life balance and to have time to really focus on your well-being. After all, your health is your wealth.

Our well-being team support our employees by being that ear to listen, and by aiding guidance on good well-being practice both at work, and in this new world of remote working.

This week, we organised coffee catch ups so that co-workers could have one to ones with others they wouldn’t talk to often, now that we are outside the office. We also had a session with Will Allen-Mersh from Spill – an all in one mental health support for employees delivered through Slack. Here are some of the great takeaways you can apply to support your workforce.

Advice from Spill

With the unsurprising research that a higher income doesn’t equate to happiness, what are some of the activities that do?

  • Talking to new people
  • Socialising with people you like, in a setting that you like
  • Being in nature
  • Exercise
  • Showing gratitude
  • Pets and plants
  • Journalling
  • Meditation
  • Getting good sleep Group singing
  • Doing things with your hands
  • Creative hobbies
  • Time in the community
  • Giving back to others
  • Purposeful work that’s out of your comfort zone
  • Expressing positive feelings to others
  • Reading (real) books, especially fiction

Managing Anxiety

It can be tempting to scroll on your phone and read all the news from different countries, searching for that one piece of positivity right now that might make us feel better. But ultimately, you’ll read a lot of negative news on your way there. Therefore, to manage your anxiety, it’s best to box that time you spend scrolling. Whilst being informed can help you feel in control, and generate feelings of calm, too much can send you feeling the other way.

We can’t currently control our social plans, holidays, what will happen in a month, or phases of lockdown. So let’s look at what we can control. Your daily schedule, walks and exercise, who you connect with, the quality of work you produce.

You can also take your mind off the news by getting into a state of flow. Finding a hobby where you lose track of time and are completely engrossed, or improve your mood by working towards a goal. It will make you feel less ‘stuck’. Helping others has also been shown to significantly boost mood, so you could join Covid Mutual Aid for details on how you can help vulnerable people near you.

This is just a snapshot of some of the fascinating and incredibly useful info we received from Spill this week. For more information on how Spill can help support your workforce, get in touch.