In our next guest blog post, we’re hearing from Senior School Partnerships Manager, Hannah Weston. Hannah has years of experience working with young people and ensuring schools get access to a range of incredible and informative careers experience programmes.

Watch Out for the Class of 2020

Young people are currently facing a reduction of opportunities, and during this unprecedented time it’s imperative to keep them engaged. During this current climate there are so many priorities for a business. However, there are some simple ways you can lend your support to potential future talent and prepare them for the workforce. With these demonstrable options to employ, they could well be the most adaptable and resilient workforce yet!

Show Your Expertise in Building Resilience

Recently, we’ve faced multiple hurdles in our work projects, and overcome or minimised them. By demonstrating that we’re evolving our knowledge and expertise to problem solve, we can show prospective young talent that we’re well-rounded and resilient. Certainly, adaptability is often listed on job specifications, so let’s bring the young talent along with us on our journey of resilience! Thus, we’ll encourage building core employability skills, such as critical and innovative thinking.

Up-skill Students

Webinars have proven an invaluable strategy for many businesses to engage early talent. However, it’s key to utilise 50% of the time to up-skill attendees, as well as inform them about your company and roles.

For example, let’s take the 10-20% marketing philosophy. The rule states that 10-20% of your social media feed should be a ‘sell’, and most posts should interest, inform, or challenge your audience. Therefore, if we apply this to digital events, we can challenge students with activities which build important key skills, and share best practice.

To boost the number of quality candidates that apply for roles, ensure you make it crystal clear what you’re looking for in future talent. What can you share with students to support them in becoming well prepped, quality candidates later?

Digital Encounters with Employers

It’s important that school leavers do not miss out on opportunities. They need to network with professionals, exercise workplace skills and encounter inspirational role models. Here’s what your business can do to provide quality digital engagement that meets Gatsby benchmarks:

  • Live webinars and Q&A sessions with a range of employees from various departments and job roles.
  • Prepare students for the digital workplace through online learning modules.
  • Use personal guidance to address the needs of each pupil through digital mentoring with employees.
  • Make clear links between careers, the skills they require, and how GCSE/A-Level subject choices complement them.

Bounce Back with Future Talent

Young people will remember the companies that supported them through this difficult time. Firstly, if we can provide our prospective talent with tools, and craft key learning experiences for them, they will emerge triumphant.

Secondly, build their confidence by giving them the space to have their career questions and concerns answered. If you don’t have much resource to allocate, pull together a solid social media plan. You can include spotlight interviews with employees, day in the life videos, or resource recommendations.

Most importantly – don’t forget that the class of 2020 should not be overlooked. They have the potential to be the strongest and hardest-working year yet!