How to Win The Battle for Future Talent

As businesses are unable to go on campus or into schools & colleges to undertake a key part of the young talent attraction strategy, with careers fairs, workshops, drop-ins, and insight events etc, events need to turn digital.

Advantages of Digital Events

Increased geographical reach, with no limits to group size per session.

Cost effective as recordings can be re-purposed for further content.

Budget friendly as you don’t pay for travel, accommodation, or venue hire.

Collection of student data from sign-ups.

Consequently, digital events address two key challenges employers faced with events last year.

  1. How to measure meaningful ROI from face to face events.
  2. How to get in front of a more diverse talent pool.

However, with all events going virtual, how do you differentiate and keep your audience engaged, so the most suitable candidates apply?

Building a future talent community from your virtual events through great and informed applications will lead to high quality, diverse hires.

Building a Future Talent Community

A few do’s and don’t’s…

Don’t just take your face-to-face event content and deliver it on Zoom! Delivering content effectively when virtual is very different to face-to-face.

Don’t deliver digital events that don’t have a unique offering, for example CV workshops or interview tips. As a result, your event would become interchangeable with another brand offering the same thing.

Be sure to train your workforce to deliver virtually & be creative with content.

Use good, cloud-based tech, that is simple and easy to use.

Do use an event title which grabs their attention.

Implement content that helps them their understand the role, and enables them to interact during the event. For example through quizzes, video (both live and recorded), and hearing from existing apprentices and grads. Above all, keep it succinct, with bite-sized chunks of content.

Showcase clear next steps, which ideally should not just be ‘to find out more go to our website’, or ‘apply now’. They are on a journey and may not be in ‘buying mode’ for your event. If that is the next step offered and they aren’t ready, you may lose them. You could show them further experiences of work, or direct them to a short case study for them to work on.

Post-Event Actions

How often have events you have run led to immediate applications? The most likely next step after an event should be the focus on helping candidates to continue on their journey with your brand, in a way that builds engagement, buy-in, and belonging.

Some great ways to follow-up…

  • Digital buddies / mentors
  • More content with insights about:
    • your values
    • your specific roles
    • apprenticeships
    • your graduate training
    • preparing for each stage of the recruitment process
  • A chatroom for you to engage with them as a community

Our simple two-step process recently saw an 80% sign-up to our engagement platform, after talent had connected through work experience and events. Simple, straightforward ways to continue to deliver value to the business and young talent community!