The importance of virtual pre- and on-boarding for candidates in 2021

Starting a new job is daunting at the best of times. A new working environment and sea of unfamiliar faces can be overwhelming. This is unfortunately only heightened in the virtual climate. If not supported, future talent risk feeling detached, isolated and disengaged in their new role.

Less than a third of UK employees feel like they belong at their current company. 80% of these are looking to leave their role within the next 12 months. Employers need to play an active role in nurturing and supporting their future talent, to minimize renege rates and failed probation periods. Despite much of this activity now being conducted virtually, this shouldn’t mean renouncing the human touch. Here’s how to deliver a meaningful candidate experience through virtual pre- and on-boarding.

The techniques

Our candidate and engagement platform, Connectr, can help. The crucial, and yet often overlooked, period between the ‘congratulations’ email and day one is where candidates formulate important opinions and judgements about the company. Effective pre- and on-boarding activities are essential in driving candidate engagement and excitement, though needn’t be complex. 

Here are some key elements to consider:

  • Buddy up. Assigning a buddy to new starters is a common element of the employee induction process. However, this needs to be accelerated earlier on. Connectr allows candidates to engage with existing employees from a diverse range of seniority levels through Digital Mentoring. Candidates connect with their chosen mentors to ask their burning questions and get first-hand insight into life within the business.
  • Peer-to-peer networks. Giving new starters the opportunity to meet others who are both new and existing employees creates a crucial sense of community in the virtual climate. Forums allow future talent to chat in real time with their workplace community and build key working relationships.
  • Excitement and engagement. Future talent need to feel inspired and prepared to begin their role. Digital learning content ignites this through bite-sized modules that not only support them from yes to desk, but also keep new employees engaged and excited to join the business.
  • Track your progress. Measure the success of your pre- and on-boarding activity by tracking candidate and employee user behaviour, module completion rates and user feedback to continue developing the experience you offer your future talent.

How you can implement this

Pre- and on-boarding activity need to work in tandem to create the ultimate candidate experience. Future-proofing these experiences are vital in maximizing employee retention and business success, but more importantly, ensures a sense of community and belonging so new starters can thrive. To explore how Connectr can deliver a meaningful pre- and on-boarding experience for your workforce, chat to us!