Success story: Supporting unemployed young people into their future career through mentoring  

Whilst Covid has impacted everyone, some groups have been affected more disproportionately. 35% of 18-24 year olds have either lost their job or been placed on furlough since the pandemic began. Young people are now 125% more likely to become unemployed than other age groups. In response to this, MyKindaFuture launched ainitiative in partnership with Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) that is supporting young people into employment through our mentoring platform, Connectr.  

The mission is delivered by the Jobcentre Plus (JCP)and has launched across the UK including  7 locations in London and Essexwith expansion to new locations taking place in May and June including Rochdale, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Bradford and Liverpool. Currently, there are 21 sectors represented across available mentors from organisations such as Accenture UK, Grant Thornton LLP UK, Cisco UK&I, Skanksa and LinkedIn 

One of our success stories  

We are proud to be making a difference. Here is one example of how our initiative improving the employment prospects of young people across the country.  

A young female candidate joined the Connectr mentoring platform after 6 months of unemployment, keen to start her career journey again. She was matched with one of our mentors from Accenture UK, Toby. Through the mentoring interactions, it was highlighted that one of the key challenges she was experiencing through job applications was tackling video interviews. Toby was able to support her with the advice and tools to help her overcome these, sharing his expertise around effective presentation delivery. The mentoring support Toby provided, alongside Connectr’s digital upskilling content around preparing for interview, resulted in the young person succeeding at interview stage and securing a job within 4 weeks of joining the Connectr platform.  

“Helping a young person get a job through Connectr was really rewarding – not just in playing some part in their career but in challenging myself to help find solutions.” – Toby Ward, Accenture mentor 

Our other young jobseekers have said:  

“The mentor section is the best feature on this site in my opinion. It includes mentors with different experiences and job roles that people can get advice from. The mentors will give you guidance on questions that you may not have answers to yet.” – JCP Connectr user  

Why get involved? 


  • Provide your employees with virtual volunteering opportunities by mentoring young people and helping them to prepare, secure, and succeed in work.  
  • Employee mentors will receive training and support from MyKindaFuture. 
  • Support regions and communities where you have a physical office or footprint. 
  • Receive data, insights and impact reporting 
  • Directly support and endorse the Kickstart Scheme. 
  • Make a real difference to the young people who need it most. 

Local authorities: 

  • Provide young people in your local community with ‘always-on’ access to mentors from both regional and national employers. 
  • MyKindaFuture will fully support your JCP Work Coaches and Youth Service Teams with collateral, training and resources to improve the job success rates and wellbeing of the young people disproportionately affected by Covid in your local area. 
  • The initiative also addresses key priority areas of the forthcoming UK Community Renewal Fund, including Investing in future skills and Supporting people into employment. 

If you want to be part of leading the change, get in touch