The Science of Effective Mentoring Report

Cultivating belonging and inclusion in the workplace is vital to business success – yet this is often overlooked. Employers need to respond to this growing HR crisis to avoid losing their brilliant and diverse existing talent.

MyKindaFuture is proud to reveal a pivotal new report: The Science of Effective Mentoring, offering business leaders crucial insight into the scientific benefits of mentoring and how to deliver mentoring programmes with purpose. This report is key for HR decision makers to nourish brilliant talent of all backgrounds to progress, develop, and be retained within their organisation.

Developed in partnership with behavioural science experts, CogCo, and former UK President of EMCC, Rita Symons, we explore the impact of mentoring in building a crucial sense of belonging among employees.

Our research shows less than a third of UK employees feel like they belong at their current organisation – and of these individuals, 80% are considering leaving their role within the next 12 months. It was also found that just 37% of HR decision makers believe the majority of their workforce feel like they belong.

Marginal mentoring programmes often do more harm than good – and are damaging workforces. Mentoring with purpose champions belonging and inclusion in all talent – so that employees are empowered and retained within the organisation.

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