17th April - 1000 Second Workshops in Sheffield

17th April - 1000 Second Workshops in Sheffield

Wednesday, 3rd of April

17th April - 1000 Second Workshops in Sheffield


1000 Second Workshops

Meet MyKindaCrowd for these quick workshops, whether you are starting a business, have just launched or just looking to improve yourself. There's something for everyone!

Unleash your brilliance – 11.20 – 11.35

In 1000 seconds you can understand how you have the power to affect your future. Find out what successful means to you and how you can be successful. Improve your mentality to set yourself up for business success.

Keep up with Business Trends – 11.45-12pm

Turn boring business news in to useful industry updates that will have you ahead of your competitors and making loads of cash in just 1000 seconds!

Get a Mentor – 12.10 – 12.25pm

No matter what stage in your life or business you are at, everybody needs a mentor. Whether it's a friend or a business mentor. This 1000 second workshop explores the benefits of having a mentor, how you can find the best mentor to suit you and your needs and where to find your mentor. The workshop helps you to identify how a mentor can help you.

Turn yourself into a SuperBrand -  12.35 – 12.50pm

This 1000 second workshop focusses on how you can make yourself memorable to potential employers, businesses or even when networking. Celebrities such as David Beckham and Oprah have turned themselves into a superbrands, there's nothing stopping you from being your own brand. Stand out from the crowd and follow our steps to define yourself as a super brand.

Get your Start Up Tech Savvy – 1.15-1.30pm

Just starting out and on a low budget? Make the most of technology and the internet to boost your start up. The internet is full of free marketing and is effective at getting results. In just 1000 seconds, learn the best hints and tips of how you can increase your start up's popularity. 

Uber Networking 1.40pm – 1.55pm

Ever felt awkward about approaching strangers, even if they are good for business? Or got stuck talking to someone uninteresting and can't find a way to escape? We will have you smoosing a room of successful businessmen and women in 1000 seconds!

Perfect your 1 minute pitch – 1.45 – 2pm

Start-ups looking for investment or to promote their business can hardly get their foot through the door before they are kindly asked to leave. This 1000 second workshop will have you and your business idea impressing people in no time.

Get the basics right – 2.10 -2.25pm

New to this whole business thing? Feeling a little lost? We'll help you find your feet in 1000 seconds. We will briefly explore the business fundamentals and get you confident to start-up in no time.




MyKindaCrowd have embarked on a global mission to connect young people with the world of work and enhancing their future employability

MyKindaCrowd set real-life challenges and young people respond with their great ideas and are rewarded with work-experience, internships and prizes!



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