20 Things to do before you leave university

20 Things to do before you leave university

Wednesday, 6th of February

20 Things to do before you leave university
Don’t forget the 20 things to do before you leave university!

For those that decide to go to university, it is a very special time their lives. You find an abundance of amazing opportunities and meet people that often become lifelong friends.

You are only there for 3 maybe 4 years so make the most of it! Here is a list of essentials inspired by the Independent newspaper’s list.

1. Win a MyKindaCrowd challenge at www.mykindacrowd.com

2. Go on a date with someone you would normally say no to - give them a chance!

3. Hand in an essay early

4. Busk on campus for a charity (even if you have zero talent)

5. Get paid to dress up in a mascot

6. Get involved in a peaceful student protest

7. Go to a university sports team's game. Get vocal and animated with your support.

8. Sit in on a lecture that's completely out of your field, but that you've always been fascinated by

9. Join a society for something you've always wanted to do, but never got round to

10. Turn up at a 9 am lecture along with all the other students dressed in your PJs and dressing gowns

11. Start a conga at a big union night. See how long you can get it, before leading it as far from the music as possible.

12. Go out sober and dance all night (at least once, repeat as required)

13. Swim in a fountain (campus if possible, town will do)

14. Hold your own Come Dine With Me with other student houses

15. Found a society

16. If you think a lecture was particularly good, try and instigate a standing ovation

17. Play an elaborate prank on a housemate

18. Win a pub quiz (whatever it takes)

19. Go on a blind date

20. Find out the names of all those people you know far too well to not know their names



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