6 Easy Steps to find a Summer Job

6 Easy Steps to find a Summer Job

Wednesday, 20th of March

6 Easy Steps to find a Summer Job

It’s starting to get to that time of year where you are looking for the perfect summer job. Maybe you would like a job that you could carry on with once you go back to school, college or uni.

Where do you start? It’s a confusing world out there, especially in the jobs market so be careful,equally some companies offer really fantastic opportunities for young people (and getting paid at the same time!)
Most people would search for a job in newspapers, google and job websites, or maybe just walking around town trying to find out who’s got a vacancy. !

Here are some steps that to help you with your search :
Step 1. Decide What You Want To Do
Would you like to work in a bar, a clothes shop, a restaurant or a specialist industry?  Or maybe all of those places?

Step 2. Go To Google
Specify your Google Search. So, if you’re searching for an industry, tailor your search, for example ‘Marketing graduate’, ‘Marketing assistant in London’
Once you’ve found a few roles/companies that interest you, make a note of a contact name and contact number.

Step 3. Call Each One
Using  the list you have created, call each company one by one. When doing this always ask to speak to the manager.
Start off with a short introduction – your name, what you do, and then proceed to ask 'I was wondering if you have any vacancies at the moment'.
You will get a straight answer – either Yes or No. Make a note of their answer and move onto the next. If you’re calling a company, take down a a name and email address to send your CV across to them.
Don’t forget to make yourself memorable!

Step 4. Tailor Your CV
Now that you have your list of possible job opportunities, look into the types of skills that are required in the industry.
You must tailor your CV around these skills –  give examples of when you have demonstrated them and always state the result or outcome.
Have a look at our top 10 CV tips here : http://www.mykindacrowd.com/Blog/Details/top-10-cv-tips

Step 5. Drop Off Your CV
If your desired place of work is a place, print off your CV, make yourself look presentable and now it’s time to visit each place, make sure you hand your CV to the manager and try and have a conversation to make yourself memorable!
If it’s a company you found online, email your CV across to the contact and introduce yourself, remind them that you called and tell them how you think your skills will fit. Your email will act as an additional covering letter.

Step 6. Follow Up!!
I can’t stress this point enough. Call the Managers again and follow up all of your applications until you hear an answer.
Sometimes it can take 2 or 3 phone calls to get the information. Being persistent like this shows you really want the job and helps keep your name fresh in the Manager’s mind.

Now you are ready to find great student jobs.
I find this process to be very effective– the main benefit of this method is that your applications are very targeted (as you are applying to places that you know are hiring) and you can also bypass conventional recruitment processes such as job centres and newspapers, making your application stand out from the crowd.

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