MyKindaCrowd First Young Student Ambassador!

MyKindaCrowd First Young Student Ambassador!

Thursday, 20th of September

MyKindaCrowd First Young Student Ambassador!

MyKindaCrowd is proud to announce that we have our first young ambassador! We first spotted Rachael Farrington when she entered our James Caan challenge in which she was required to produce a business plan around an Oxford street stall in London that sold t-shirts using the jubilee theme.

We chose Rachael as one of our finalists to present her pitch at James Caan's head office in Mayfair, London.

As a thriving 16 year old, Rachael was understandably nervous, and came well prepared with boards to support her pitch.  She delivered the pitch confidently in front of Hanah Caan (James' Caan's daughter) and answered all questions perfectly.

Her business idea was to focus on art students, having being an art student herself, she identified a niche in the market and realised that there was a market for artists to show off their designs and skill on t-shirts.

At the pitch, Rachael provided a mock up of a t-shirt that a fellow art student designed and printed onto a t-shirt. The idea was well thought out and Rachael showed great initiative and unique thinking.

Moreover, Rachael has already started her own business, in which she has designed an online platform for businesses who would like an online presence, in which she provides them with social media support.

Here, at MyKindaCrowd we like to think that Rachael is a great motivator for young students out there who want to start their own business but feel like they can't. Well Rachael has done it and it just proves that it can be done. She has shown great entrepreneurship, has proved that she is dedicated to projects and knows the return you get when you put hard work in.

When we told Rachael, she replied,

"I'm really honoured to be offered this position in such a inspirational company, I believe that the opportunities presented by MyKindaCrowd are vital to anyone looking to get ahead in such a competitive climate"


Rachael and MyKindaCrowd will be working together closely, and our members will be hearing more and more from Rachael as time goes by.


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