Care Leavers Funding Cuts

Care Leavers Funding Cuts

Friday, 15th of February

Care Leavers Funding Cuts
Care Leavers Funding Cuts

by Anon

An insight into the consequences of council funding cuts for care leavers.

Carrie Wilson (the Guardian) recently reported that care leavers (young people who leave state care) who decide to go to university are having their funding from local authorities cut.

The reason for this cut is because some carers receive financial support from universities too. So money that continued to be spent on these people was seen as unnecessary expenditure and during a time of cuts... This has left care leavers with increased tuition fees, rapidly rising cost of living and funding cuts.

The difficulty is, most of their peers have parents who financially support them and any university funding is a bonus. These young people do not have that kind of familial support, their only support comes from the state. If the state then washes its hands of these young people, (who, by the way, have already missed out on so much,) who will support them to take that courageous step to embark on a university education.

The only place left is university. Some universities are brilliant at supporting care leavers. Some offer 52 weeks accommodation, instead of the usual 42 weeks and bursaries, amongst other things. Whilst this is great and I applaud universities for doing this, some might say that the state should still continue to support these individuals because they continue to be dependent. MyKindaCrowd recently polled its members on Facebook and found that young people would like to have a little support from parents whilst at university. The state acts as care leavers’ corporate parent and it would be nice for them to have that support.

We already have clear evidence that care leavers are not properly supported in their formative life and, through no fault of their own, are severely disadvantaged because of it. Only 7% of care leavers go to university, this compares with the national average of 36%. These statistics mean that 29% of those care leavers who do not go, are capable but have been failed. Over a few thousand pounds, the state may be going down a path of failing the other 7%, who despite it all have made it.

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