Digital Mentoring is here!

Digital Mentoring is here!

Friday, 1st of April

Digital Mentoring is here!

We now have a fantastic peer to peer mentoring process set up to complement our jobs board. First Place Mentors (FPM) has been going for a few years and with great success, so we here at MKF we felt it would be a fantastic addition to what we already offer our wonderful students.

Alastair and David founded FPM whilst they were on a placement year at IBM, as they realised that their first-hand experience of the working world could be really beneficial to their peers looking to apply. They also realised that this would have been a resource they would have loved to use had it existed during their application process. The ability for students to hear the experiences and gain advice from those who have been in their position before and succeeded was invaluable. 

Alastair and David approached Bright Futures to ask for some advice and help in launching this idea. Together with Bright Futures Alastair and David were able to launch First Place Mentors in 2014. By the summer of 2014 First Place Mentors was providing students the ability to connect with their peers who had been successful and are working within an organisation. First Place Mentors was here, a concept created by students, for students.

First Place Mentors has now been running for two years and has had great success. The results have shown that those who do receive this first hand specific company advice give themselves a great advantage during the application process. The success has also shown how this connection can help companies create better links with their applicants meaning when successful applicants start their new role, the process is smoother and easier.

First Place Mentors are now moving into a new chapter working with MyKindaFuture. The digital mentoring service supplements our jobs board here at MKF, and enables students to be more successful in applying to the opportunities we have to offer. By having first-hand experience mentors just a click-away, it has never been easier to get tips and advice on how to pass the application process, or even to just see whether it is the right job for you. So what are you waiting for, check out our jobs board now!


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