Dragons Day: James Caan HQ!

Dragons Day: James Caan HQ!

Thursday, 20th of September

Dragons Day: James Caan HQ!

The Finalists : L-R , Iman, Liam, Imtiaz, Rachael, Matthew, Alex

The Challenge

Their challenge was to create a profit making t-shirt stall on Oxford Street, London in a Jubilee theme.

Last week our finalists for the James Caan challenge sat nervously in the waiting room of James Caan's Head Quarters in Mayfair, London. The office is set in a fantastic location with Mr Caan's shiny Bentley parked neatly outside.

The finalists enter the swanky offices and nervously take a seat in the waiting area. Many of them were twiddling their thumbs, going over their pitches and pacing up and down the reception.

The lucky finalists were finally taken downstairs where they sat in beautiful boardroom. They chatted amongst themselves about their aspirations, their backgrounds and idea's they already have for future businesses ; exploiting their entrepreneurship flair to the fullest.

As they sat nervously in their seats, the finalists met Isabel, who is apart of James' personal team, they were put at ease by Isabel. Soon after, entered Hanah Caan, who is James Caan's daughter. She currently runs the new start up businesses that James has invested in. Hanah and Isabel, both put the finalists at ease, assured them they had nothing to be nervous about. Hanah gave the finalist's a run down of her background, when she graduated, and the work experience she has had so far.This included shadowing her father, James Caan for a few months and taking control of the James Caan Foundation after only 9 months of working in the business.

The Pitch

The first pitch was completed confidently in a team effort by Matthew and Alex, then we had Liam who focussed his pitch of having an online presence to sell his Jubilee T-shirts. Next up was Imtiaz whose idea focussed on using good quality t-shirts, and creating a brand for the stall to entice London locals and tourists. The penulitimate pitch was done perfectly by 16 year old Rachael, who came prepared with display board and tunnelled her vision of the stall of making a profit by using art students to design the t-shirts to make the stall mutually beneficial for both sides. She also suggested teaming up with local charities to gain awareness of her t-shirts. Finally, Iman took to the stage and presented his pitch, he was clear , concise and had researched every aspect of running a business well. In the words of Hanah and Isabel "there was no stone uncovered".

Now...it was crunch time! As Hanah and Isabel tried to come to a conclusion of who should be awarded the winner, they struggled, and not suprisingly as all the pitches were presented excellently and all the finalists had very unique idea's to eachother. The finalist's sat patiently as Hanah and Isabel stepped outside to confer who the winner and runner up should be. After a tense silence and a few minutes had passed by, the girls returned and announced Iman as the winner ; Rachael as the runner up.

The Prize

Iman has been invited to spend a week with James Caan in his offices to gain valuable work experience in 5 different business that James owns. Rachael will also be awarded something as her pitch was exceptional!

MyKindaCrowd would like to thank the finalists for entering the challenge, the day at James Caan's office's was fantastic  and all the pitches were brilliant.

We are looking to more challenges with James Caan so do keep a look out for new announcements and be sure to enter on the next challenge for more fantastic rewards!


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