Find out what you're made of with HSBC

Find out what you're made of with HSBC

Monday, 9th of March

Find out what you're made of with HSBC

Sweat dripping, hearts thumping, a little sore and bruised – you would be surprised to see smiles painted across so many faces as they cross the finish line.

Would you be able to do it? To weather new challenges and thrive?

As one of the world’s largest investment banks, celebrating 150 years this year, HSBC has withstood change in many forms – from revolutions, economic crises, and new technologies.

That’s why they’re are asking you how you live by your values. 

Personal values help define the way we live and work. They help us to find out what we’re really made of. Investment banking isn’t any run of the mill profession. The industry is made up of organisations with distinct philosophies and attitudes.


Want to find out how you can cross the investment banking finish line?

We’ve done a quick round up of ways in which the industry continues to grow and adapt.

Did you know…

  •  The industry offers diverse career options

While divisions like trading and mergers and acquisitions are a great pull for many employees, there are lots of other types of jobs on offer. Investment banks love new technology and as the world becomes more interconnected, banks continue to need people with digital skills and global perspectives.

  •  There’s growing demand for women and minority groups

The gender balance, particularly at senior levels is a strong focus for many of these companies. Diversity is at the forefront of change for many banks. For instance, there are more than 30 employee network groups in HSBC covering and supporting representation in areas such as ethnicity, age, sexuality and disability.

  •  Banking is becoming more socially responsible

The industry continues to adjust to the world’s growing pains. From the reduction of carbon emissions, safer water and sanitation, to educating young people across the globe, sustainability is becoming an important philosophy in banking. 


So whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a challenge seeker, a team player or someone who’s daring enough to go it alone, investment banking is a sure fire way to for you to find out what you’re made of.

For your opportunity to win a unique experience the HSBC HQ, enter our LiveYourValues Challenge here…


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