Winner's Blog: Highlights of Prague

Winner's Blog: Highlights of Prague

Monday, 20th of July

Winner's Blog: Highlights of Prague

Having learned a little about the Czech Republic's history as part of the former Soviet Union we decided to deepen our understanding by visiting the museum of communism. Ironically situated above a McDonalds,  the museum is small yet contains many interesting stories and artefacts.

The most impressive parts were the recreated communist classroom and interrogation room. It was moving to see videos of protests on Wenceslas square where we had walked through almost every day. 

We were advised by our tour guide to avoid the famous Charles Bridge during the day, this turned out to be excellent advice as it was stunning at night.  The surrounding buildings were lit up and we saw a few really talented street performers. 

As we're both serious bookworms we were both thrilled with the amount of independent bookshops in Prague, many of which had multiple floors and we're open until late in the evening. Many happy hours were spent browsing through the English (and in Katharine's case, French) sections of the stores and we couldn't resist making a few purchases either. 

Another highlight was a 12 euro tour of the Prague castle, supposedly the biggest castle in the world. The tour was given by a knowledgeable yet sarky guide who told us the history and some interesting anecdotes about the castle. One of the highlights was seeing statues of men in modern suits engraved into the facade of the gothic cathedral, as the building wasn't finished until the 1920s. 

There you go...five highlights from our stay in Prague!

See you soon, 

Miriam and Katharine


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