From the Apprentice to a funded business – the Whisk story

From the Apprentice to a funded business – the Whisk story

Friday, 13th of September

From the Apprentice to a funded business – the Whisk story

We’re buzzing here at MKC; last week we launched our challenge with Whisk.

Whisk was founded by Nick Holzherr, the 26-year-old runner-up from this year’s The Apprentice. Nick describes himself as a business founder, product manager and technology expert (if he does say so himself!). So Nick provides plenty of inspiration for you all!

Okay, Whisk didn’t win The Apprentice… Nevertheless, the show was great promotion for Whisk and opened a lot of doors.

Nick isn’t new to entrepreneurship, he co-founded his first business Co-Go Coffee straight out of University, and previously setup QRky. In 2011, he was awarded the Birmingham Young Professional of the Year award in the entrepreneurial category.

So what exactly is Whisk ?

Whisk love home cooking and wanted to take the hassle out of it so they developed a tool that creates ingredients lists from recipes instantly, and works out what to cook with leftover ingredients! Clever, hey? Whisk allows you to buy the ingredients for any recipe you find on the Internet, easily.

The main challenges for Whisk tend to be technology-based, such as, building the functionality and getting users to buy groceries through it. They are also focusing on getting the right people with the right talent in the business. This is why we want to hear from you! Do you have a vision for food technology? If so, we want you to design a new, innovative and original food technology business.

You can see all the challenge information here.


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