Winner's Story : Fujitsu

Winner's Story : Fujitsu

Tuesday, 4th of December

Winner's Story : Fujitsu

You may remember our challenge with Fujitsu where we asked young people "What would you do with the world's most powerful computer?"

We had so many amazing entries, it was so difficult to choose a winner. In the end the winners were chosen on the following categories: creativity, social impact and effort.

Fujitsu Simulated University

Bexely Grammar School students : Daniya,Colin David, Holly, Kieran and Vikki whisked up an idea for a " Fujitsu Simulated University"

The students developed the idea because they recognised that young people could really do with a little help in understanding career choices. Their supercomputer would power an immersive simulation which would allow young people to experience their future, just how they would be in their future career. Pretty nifty, right?!

The supercomputer would help them make better decisions for their future, because they could already for see how their life would be in a certain career. Fujitsu loved the idea and said "Bexley's Simulated University concept is a brilliant idea and perfectly complements Fujitsu's ethos of improving our lives through intelligent use of technology."

The students ticked all the right boxes for Fujitsu and showed creativity, and social impact because they would be helping many young people out there! Of course, Fujitsu chose this team at Bexely Grammar School as winners and they received £1000 worth of tech ; this included 4 state of the art tablets with cases!

Do you think this would help you as a young person make the right career choice?

The 'Dream Dome'

Ryan England was a second winner for the over 18's with his 'Dream Dome' Idea.

Ryan wanted to use the supercomputer to improve the quality of life for long-term, severely ill hospital patients by giving them the chance to escape their surroundings and experience different places or activities through the power of technology.

His vision was to create a mobile supercomputer powered virtual reality environment that could be used by patients at their hospital beds, providing them with experiences they may never otherwise know and providing some relief from their condition. As you can imagine, the social impact of this idea is off the scale. Ryan created a detailed idea of how the supercomputer would work using his 'Dream Dome" . Fujitsu were extremely pleased with Ryan's initative and development his supercomputer idea.

Ryan received £1000 from the Fujitsu team and will be putting his cheque towards a masters degree!

If you had the chance to create an amazing super computer that had a social impact, what would it be?



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