Not sure how to feel about university?

Not sure how to feel about university?

Friday, 11th of July

Not sure how to feel about university?

Going to university can be a daunting experience. In connection with our #SnapShotUni challenge, college student Shannel Bernard shares her feelings about the life changing decisions that she is about to make.

I have forever wanted to go to university, but until now I have never thought past the desire to go. Whilst thinking about what to say in this blog, so many emotions crept in. To list all of them would take forever, so I have focused on the mains ones – fear, anxiety, and of course excitement.


As teenagers we spend years trying to persuade our parents that we are independent, and that as we get older we don’t need them as much. The truth is - not that I would ever admit it, is that we always need our parents, not to mention the friends that we’ve had for years. I feel scared to leave by myself and say goodbye to a life that I feel comfortable with. Going to a whole new place can be exciting, but for me being in a new place by myself sometimes doesn’t sound so appealing.


I get nervous at the best of times, but going someone new, not knowing anyone, not knowing whether you will fit in, or if anyone will like you, is a whole new level of worry. It’s possibly one of the biggest steps of independence you will take, and the question I hear myself asking is will I be able to do it?


No more being nagged at! No more being told when to tidy my room, no more having to sit through Titanic whilst my mum cries, even though she has seen it hundreds of times – Paradise! Beyond the fear of leaving, I feel excited about finally leaving the nest and going off by myself, proving that I can be independent, and I can cope on my own! Yes, I’ll be leaving a lot behind, but hey it’s not forever right, and in the mean time I’ll gain new life-long friends. So I say bring it on, the day I go to university can’t come soon enough!

If like Shannel you have mixed feelings about going to university our #SnapShotUni challenge could see you win an experiential day at City University London. Take a campus tour, be part of a lecture, and ask current students about what it’s like to be at university. More info can be found here.


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