Calling All Digital Heroes!

Calling All Digital Heroes!

Monday, 1st of June

Calling All Digital Heroes!

Modern day superheroes. Who are they and where can they be found? If you had the chance to serve the greater good, what would you do? 

It turns out information is power and “with great power comes great responsibility”. Modern day superheroes are changing - enter the Zuckerberg's, Gates' and Jobs' of the future. These inventive tech gurus have improved the lives of billions of people across the world.

What life saving platform would you create? How could you use the power of IT and technology to make the world a better or safer place? Tell us for your chance to win work experience with global tech giant Tata Consultancy Services.  

Need some inspiration?

Here’s a quick round up of some really cool digital inventions that are changing lives:


Doctors, nurses and health care professionals are able to download this app which alerts them if anyone nearby is in need of help. In some cases, these modern day Samaritans are able to attend to life changing emergencies before the arrival of an ambulance.

This ambition venture aims to make the internet accessible to every person on the planet! Brought to you by the people behind Facebook, more than 1 billion people around the world now have the ability to use free basic services through They’re doing this by decreasing the cost of data to people worldwide.

Open Bionics

This cool start-up has been creating shockwaves in the world of robotics. They have designed and created prosthetics by using 3D scanning and 3D printing. This has dramatically reduced the cost of bionic limbs ensuring they are both light, affordable and functional. 

Enter the IT For Good challenge here!


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