Making a point with Centrepoint

Making a point with Centrepoint

Thursday, 5th of June

Making a point with Centrepoint

You'd be forgiven for thinking that you can't do much for charity in just a two-hour window. I mean, volunteering sounds great, but it's just effort, right?

Well, no. And the team at MyKindaCrowd set out to prove just that by accepting a volunteering charity from the UK's leading charity for homeless young people, Centrepoint

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Volunteers Week, the staff team at MyKindaCrowd decided to collectively volunteer 30 hours of time - a few hours each - to source 30 items on a 'wish list' of items needed in Centrepoint hostels around London. A big task you might think? So did we.

Armed with just the 'wish list' and our incredible powers of persuasion (and charm) we took to the streets in a bid to track down every last item - We were overwhelmed by the response. After just the first day the MyKindaCrowd office was already full of items on the list, from kettles and saucepans to be used in hostel kitchens, to paintbrushes and gym mats to support art and sports sessions. The rest of the week was equally successful with items such as cushions, food vouchers and even an easel landing on our doorstep.

Victoria Parker, Centrepoint Corporate Development Manager said: “We can’t thank the Blag 30 team at MyKindaCrowd enough for challenging themselves. The items will help young people during their stay at Centrepoint and once they move on to a home of their own so the impact will be huge!”

As the success of this challenge would suggest, at MyKindaCrowd we're all for providing opportunities for young people to support those less fortunate than themselves. That's why we're currently working with Sustainable volunteering charity Raleigh International on a challenge that could see your bright ideas rewarded for a week’s work experience this summer.

Through the Sustain2Gain challenge, We’re asking you to create a short marketing report or detailed mind-map of ideas to show how you would capture the passion and energy of those aged 17-24 and inspire them to volunteer on a 2014 or 2015 Raleigh expedition in Malaysian Borneo, Costa Rica, Nicaragua or Tanzania. The winning student will win a week-long work experience placement at Raleigh International where they will gain experience from a team of over 60 Raleigh employees to implement some of their ideas!

So go on give it a go, and see where a few hours of your time could get you!


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