MyKindaCrowd Launches First Online Charity Festival 2013

MyKindaCrowd Launches First Online Charity Festival 2013

Friday, 12th of July

MyKindaCrowd Launches First Online Charity Festival 2013

MyKindaCrowd has already tapped into major blue-chip clients and they are continually growing their database of fantastic companies, as well as young people and educators signed up. This summer (2013) between the months of July and September, MyKindaCrowd will be hosting an Online Charity Festival which aims to give young charities a chance to expose themselves, raise awareness of world-issues and encourage online communities to get thinking about how they can help with one of the issues the world is facing.

Charity Challenges will be on and open to all young people aged 12-24.

United World Schools (UWS) will be kicking off this mission in June 2013 followed by Concern Universal  and more to follow!

Find the United World Schools Charity challenge here:

About United World Schools

UWS creates educational opportunity for children living in the world’s poorest regions. So far they have built 14 schools in Cambodia, working with 3500 children that otherwise would not receive even a basic education

About MyKindaCrowd

MyKindaCrowd are an award winning Social Enterprise, with awards from UnLtd BVC and BiTC ARC. MyKindaCrowd have embarked on a global mission to connect young people with the world of work and enhancing their future employability.

They launched in 2011 and already have over 92% of universities and over 1,500 Secondary Schools and Colleges signed up. MyKindaCrowd set real-life challenges and young people respond with their great ideas and are rewarded with work-experience, internships and prizes!



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