New year, new MyKindaCrowd… okay, not new but improved

New year, new MyKindaCrowd… okay, not new but improved

Monday, 6th of January

New year, new MyKindaCrowd… okay, not new but improved
Everyone at MyKindaCrowd is dedicated to making sure our crowd are connected, prepared and ready for the working world. Not only do we connect you with great companies, we give you experience to add to your CV, take to an interview, and we run great workshops!
We now want to make sure that not only challenge winner’s benefit from MKC, we also want to give all our crowd the chance to be ready for the world of work. Whether that be going to university, and need help completing a personal statement, or looking for work experience and work, or having CV and interview training.
We’re sure you would have seen the recent news about youth unemployment; well we want to make sure this situation improves. We believe more needs to be done to ensure young people are work ready. To support this, we are now rewarding more of you with help, support, advice and life skills. 
You will now be able to ‘purchase’ prizes with your MyKindaCrowd points. These can be earned by entering challenges, taking part on social media, following companies, referring friends to join MyKindaCrowd, and of course, if you win a challenge!
You can see your point score on your personal dashboard. To cash your points, all you need to do is email with the subject line, ‘Cash my points’, along with your points total. We will then give you the upcoming dates for your chosen prize. 
Below is a breakdown of what points can ‘buy’:
500 points = Attend a MyKindaCrowd industry event. The next event is on Engineering in April!
These happen quarterly in London
1,000 points = Presentation skills workshops
These will take place in MKC’s HQ (London), x3 a year
1,000 points = Careers Clinic
Takes place via a Google+ hangout, x6 a year
1,500 points = CV review
Via email and telephone, x2 a year
1,500 points = Telephone interview skills x2 a month
These will take place on the phone (shock horror)
2,000 points = Face-to-face interview skills
These will take place at the MKC’s HQ, x3 a year
2,500 points = Meet with an employer
Take place at an employers office, x3 a year
3,500 points = Personal statement mentoring 
Take place via the telephone and email, x1 a month
A calendar for the events will be live soon. 
If you have the points, get cashing. And if you don’t, get involved!
If you have any questions please email We can’t wait to work with you all more closely. 


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