Nikki L's Top Ten Tips for Entrepreneurial Success!

Nikki L's Top Ten Tips for Entrepreneurial Success!

Tuesday, 4th of June

Nikki L's Top Ten Tips for Entrepreneurial Success!

MyKindaCrowd is incredibly proud to announce Nikki L as a winner of our "Write a Blog!" challenge!  We've had some great entries so far and the office team love reading everything you submit, so keep them coming!  Congratualtions Nikki, and without further ado, we're delighted to present the guest blog:

If you look at the leading figures in the business world, they all have specific traits.  After analyzing some of these ideas in a school project (based around successful entrepreneurs), I have produced a list on the top 10 recurring features in ‘the ideal entrepreneur’.

  • Believe in your product or service- You cannot expect to be effective and successful in business unless you trust your business. Only you can make other people believe in your business.
  • Plan effectively- The business plan is your map to success; the more detail you have in it, the easier it is for your business to develop, implement and maintain. Think about situations and what you can do.
  • Manage your money wisely- Planning comes in to this too. You would need to thoroughly check through key finance terms in business. This is a whole article on its own.
  • Remember! It’s all about the customer…- Suppose you strongly agree with something, but your market research shows you that your idea is not popular, you should not continue with your point anyway. This has proven to be a disaster in many business tasks.
  • Believe in yourself!- Don’t think that you wont be able to accomplish your enterprise dreams! If you thought of an amazing idea, you must have the potential to execute it. 
  • Build a team- No one person can build a successful business alone. It requires a team that is committed. 
  • Have a reputation- Become known as an expert. Sell good quality products or service and keep building your reputation by meeting your promises. Consistency is key
  • Must. Be. Organised. – I cannot stress how important organiasation skills are.  It is the basis of success.  You have to invest in files; the more you have, the better.
  • Follow up- You need to make sure you are organised and keep following up on everything.  Even if the answer is a simple no. The last thing you want in your business is you having a reputation for ignoring views and offers.
  • Enjoy what you do – Come on, you can’t possibly start a business if you only want to earn money. Statistics prove that entrepreneurs who start-up a business that they enjoy, tend to become rich quicker and more easily.


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