Your exams results don't define you and they never will

Your exams results don't define you and they never will

Wednesday, 17th of August

Your exams results don't define you and they never will







So, it comes down to this. Results day. Your whole life condensed down into a few letters on a single page of paper. Or so it can seem.

Everyone from your teacher to great auntie Pat has stressed the importance of your grades for as long as you can remember. It can feel like your whole future depends on what’s written down in that letter. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: it doesn’t.

It’s not that results don’t matter. Good marks can help you progress towards your next step – and if you’ve worked hard, receiving the grades you didn’t want can be tough to take.

But, the thing is, your results don’t define you. Not one bit. They don’t even begin to scratch at the surface of who you are and what you are capable of. Nor do they determine what your future is going to be. Your future is for you decide – and you only. Everything is still in your hands. You might go into clearing, take a gap year, or completely forget about uni and consider the other amazing options on offer. It really doesn’t matter. There are so many ways to achieve your dreams. All you have to do is decide which path to take.

And if you’re worried that less-than-great results lead to less-than-great career prospects, we’ve got some good news: they don’t. Sure, a certain degree might get you though the door. But enthusiasm, experience, resilience, determination to succeed and all those other brilliant qualities are far more appealing to employers than a bunch of qualifications. Check out Twitter for countless stories of people who succeeded despite failing to achieve the results they wished for. In fact, many benefit from an unexpected reversal of decision. THey offer a period of genuine reflection on who you are and what you want to accomplish. At any rate, these nuggets of wisdom prove that a some letters on a page cannot and will not dictate your future.

So, whatever happens, don’t have to scale down your ambitions. Treat your results – whatever they are – as just another step on a long journey. A journey that might have changed – but, with the right mindset, will still arrive at your dream destination.


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