Stop beating graduates down!

Stop beating graduates down!

Friday, 8th of February

Stop beating graduates down!


Stop beating graduates down!

On average, 2012 graduates starting new jobs found salaries of £22.8K, that’s almost 15% lower than the year before! Worse still, the ratio of graduate applications to job is 73:1. And it gets better, if you look at jobs in popular industries such as Finance or Retail, the ratio is 150:1. Not only are graduates being told you’re almost 15% less valuable than last year’s grads but you also have to fight fiercely to get the job. Basically, the message is that “you are lucky that we are even interviewing you!”

There was a time not so long ago, when companies would be falling over themselves to attract graduates; the tables have well and truly turned. Graduates of today have it drilled in to them that they are lucky if they are able to get a job. Why are we doing this to them? It is completely unfair! Just because they were born a little too late, just because they graduated during a recession, why are we limiting their potential and telling them that they shouldn’t be fighting to follow their dreams?

Students might party hard but they study even harder! They do unpaid internships, dress up in ridiculous mascots to hand out leaflets to make ends meet, they volunteer and stand up for the rights of the students of tomorrow. They are highly motivated, ambitious and hard-working young people. Companies should be bending over backwards to win them over!

Any young person or graduate reading this, take one thing from this blog- you are special, your are important and you can fulfil your potential! Be savvy, do internships, work experience, build a network, do volunteering and sports. Stand out from the crowd!

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