Summer lovin

Summer lovin

Friday, 27th of September

Summer lovin

The nights are getting longer and the days colder - summer is officially over! Here at MyKindaCrowd we are reminiscing over the summer and wondering what our users and challenge setter’s got up to in the sunshine over the last few months.

Did you visit old friends, travel abroad, read any interesting books or like CoppaFeel!, go on a boob tour?

This year the CoppaFeel! boob team targeted music lovers at festivals and students at Universities. They launched captivating national awareness campaigns and organised events which were fun and inspiring. From a boobie flash mob, to a ‘bikin’ for boobie’s bike ride – we loved what CoppaFeel! did with their summer!

As well as campaigning at many other music festivals, CoppaFeel! also hosted their own festival this summer!! The amazing FESTIFEEL (2013 line-up below). This small and quirky indoor festival is unlike any other and we think it looks great!!

If you fancy going to FestiFeel for free next year – why not try and win tickets by entering the CoppaFeel! challenge here!


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