Tackling Youth Unemployment – Who’s playing their part?

Tackling Youth Unemployment – Who’s playing their part?

Wednesday, 22nd of January

Tackling Youth Unemployment – Who’s playing their part?

You may be aware of the regular news headlines surrounding youth unemployment in the UK & Ireland. How do young people really feel about the future and their potential dream careers?

  • 41% of young people believe they have better career prospects abroad
  • 61% of young people still believe it's better to go straight to University
  • Over a third of young people believe a lack of work experience will stop them from getting their dream job
  • Nearly half of young people believe their lack of connections in the work place will hold them back from getting their dream job

WOW – Based on our above stats there’s a real mix of opinions! So, is it all doom and gloom or are businesses playing a major role in tackling the issue? Well, fear not Nestlé UK & Ireland are stepping up and playing their part in offering you a chance to gain direct access to their business. They are doing this by creating 1,900 employment opportunities for young people over the next 3 years, including 300 paid work experience placements.

The programme is part of the wider Nestlé European Youth Employment Initiative which will help 20,000 people across Europe under the age of 30 to find employment by offering 10,000 jobs and creating 10,000 apprentice positions and traineeships by 2016. Not bad at all eh?!

nestle infographic

Fiona Kendrick, UK Chairman and Chief Executive of Nestlé, said: “With youth unemployment steadily rising businesses all need to play their part in creating opportunities for the next generation. Attracting new talent and investing in future skills is key to the continued success of business, which is why Nestlé are offering school leavers, university students and graduates the chance to gain experience throughout the business".

So how can you get involved? If you are aged between 14 – 19; want to showcase some of your ideas; gain key transferable employability skills; and win some great prizes along the way: take part in our online challenge Your Sustainability Journey now!

We want to hear what small changes you could make to your daily routine to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Good Luck!

By Ayesha - Events & Campaign Manager 


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