Thales awards MyKindaCrowd winners with 5 paid internships!

Thales awards MyKindaCrowd winners with 5 paid internships!

Thursday, 11th of April

Thales awards MyKindaCrowd winners with 5 paid internships!

Thales Group and MyKindaCrowd announce winners of 5 paid internships with Thales!!

3 university teams competed to win 5 paid internships at Thales! 

Three teams, from Durham, Reading and Exeter universities, were short-listed for the final, which was held on 8 April 2013 at Thales UK’s headquarters in Crawley, West Sussex. 

MyKindaCrowd and Thales travelled the breadth of the UK to find innovative, knowledgeable and outstanding students...and we found them! So, who are Thales?

About Thales

Thales is a global technology leader for the defence & security and the aerospace & transport markets. In 2011 the company generated revenues of £11.4 bn (€13 bn), with 67,000 employees in 56 countries. With its 22,500 engineers and research­ers, Thales has a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipment, systems and services that meet the most complex security requirements. Thales has an excep­tional inter­national footprint, with operations around the world working with customers and local partners.Thales UK employs 7,500 staff based at 35 locations. In 2011 Thales UK’s revenues were around £1.4 bn.

The Challenge

The challenge was to design a 'free' (or very low-cost) training system to meet a civil or military training need.
Students were required to think out of the box and provide a training solution using readily available technology. Each team had one month to create a training solution that could be pair as a good business model and a good training solution.

Exeter University:

  • Tom Coldrey
  • Andrew Brigham
  • Matty Edwards
  • Lorenzo Cascone
  • Louis Brasington.

The team from Exeter University identified an issue with detecting appropriate skill sets for individuals. They developed an IED to detect strengths and weaknesses early on in the training stage. Their training solution included an app and was adaptable to both civilian and military markets.

“IED's are a really critical and current problem for the military and also present huge difficulties for the local populations of countries in conflict; Team Exeter have done a really good job in developing a potential solution to a key issue. Identifying and enhancing innate talent is a highly effective training technique.”

Chris Borrill, Vice President of Training Solutions at Thales

Durham University:

  • Alison Westcott
  • Anna Campbell

The team from Durham University devised an interactive map that incorporates team interaction and detecting dangers. An App based solution to prepare teams for real world situations and to increase their situational awareness, for example for Security or Incident Management at football stadiums. 

 “Teams are what makes companies work and take us beyond the sum of the organisation’s component parts. Durham University’s Team Athena deserve praise in making the most of currently available technology, combining it and applying it in an innovative way to help organisations develop winning team dynamics.”

Chris Borrill, Vice President of Training Solutions at Thales

Reading University : Winners! 

  • Callum Duffy
  • John Hill
  • Iain Farquar
  • Paul Ayling
  • William Smith

Team 88mph from Reading went on to win the 5 internships from Thales with their training solution focussing on cultural naivety.

Their training appeals to the average businessman and is applicable in different scenarios. Team 88mph identified a problem with individuals adapting to different cultures when travelling. Their solution trains one individual to interact with another culture, whilst adhering to the culture’s social rules. Individuals’ success is measured by how closely their responses match an ‘ideal’ response.

 “Often the best ideas are simple, and as technology increasingly makes the world smaller, it seems very fitting that Reading University’s Team 88mph used technology to help individuals understand the nuances between cultures.

“Team 88mph’s use of a multi-disciplinary team resulted in a well structured and well thought-out solution that rather than focusing on simulation, developed a framework that can be applied to a variety of applications such as helping humanitarian aid personnel, corporate sales teams and even Soldiers gain a better understanding of cultural differences in order to achieve their goals.”

Chris Borrill, Vice President of Training Solutions at Thales


5 members of Thales were invited to judge the finalist’s ideas:

  • Chris Borrill, Vice President, Thales Training Solutions
  • David Hudson, General Manager, Land and UAS Sector
  • David Head, General Manager, Combat Air and Maritime Sector
  • James Kearse, Lead Solutions Architect (Training)
  • John Slater, Simulation Product Line Technical Design Authority

All three teams were judged on the relevancy of the training system to its field, market and business potential, the level of innovation and the appropriate use of technology used for their proposed training solution.

 “I was hugely impressed by the enthusiastic and confident approach of all of the teams.  Not only were they well prepared and able to confidently put across their ideas but there was genuine innovation and imagination in every team.

“This was a fantastic event and one I am sure will become a regular fixture for Thales. The team from Reading University richly deserved to win and we look forward to them joining us in the Summer for their placements.”

Chris Borrill, Vice President of Training Solutions at Thales

 “I’m inspired by the innovative ideas submitted by diverse students from across the UK. With Thales, MyKindaCrowd has been able to open its doors to the young engineers of today. This opportunity has offered young people the chance to showcase their knowledge and creativity in return for 5 paid internships which provides them with a stepping stone to success” William Akerman, Managing Director of MyKindaCrowd 


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