The many faces of Nick Hewer

The many faces of Nick Hewer

Wednesday, 2nd of October

The many faces of Nick Hewer

Nick Hewer, one of the three famous Apprentice judges, is known for his animated facial expressions and outlandish responses to contestants, wacky and sometimes wild ideas.

With this in mind, how do you think Nick Hewer would respond to your submission for the Nick Hewer Challenge?

A) Hmmmm….has potential I suppose...

B) You SERIOUSLY think that idea will impress me?

C) I think you’re crazy…but it COULD work

D) That idea stinks! Get out of here!

E) You’re boring me…zzzzzz

F) You’re having a laugh aren’t you?!

Only playing with you! We’re sure Nick Hewer would think highly of all your ideas so don’t forget to submit your entry here.

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