Are you interested in the #ThinkCare challenge?

Are you interested in the #ThinkCare challenge?

Friday, 3rd of October

Are you interested in the #ThinkCare challenge?

Why adult social care? 

Adult social care is about providing personal and practical support to help people live their lives. You could find yourself working with anyone in their 20’s to 90’s to help them maintain their independence, dignity and control over their own lives.

It is a rewarding sector with a huge demand for workers and so many opportunities to progress learn and grow.

96% of adult social care workers said they feel their work makes a difference.

Meet Ellie

Ellie is 18 and works as an apprentice in adult social care. In her job some days are tough, others are about hula hooping and chatting over a cup of coffee. But every day she makes a difference to people's lives. 

She's earning a wage and gaining qualifications. 

Click here to learn about more people currently working in adult social care.

Feeling inspired? We want to know how you would inspire your friends to consider a career in adult social care.

Are you up for the challenge? Of course you are! Use this blog to inspire your submission and don't forget to check out the Skills for Care website to help you out. 

Other things to think about when creating your submission are:

  • Why would a young person want to work in adult social care?
  • What are the benefits for young people working in adult social care? 
  • The types of people that would want to work in adult social care - target them.

Be creative, think outside the box and give this challenge a go! 




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