Top 10 CV Tips

Top 10 CV Tips

Wednesday, 23rd of January

Top 10 CV Tips


Top 10 CV Tips
  1. Keep it brief- 1, or 2 pages if you must. Bullet points and columns help to save space on a CV.
  2. Highlight all the good stuff at the top- employers will be looking at tens if not hundreds of CVs, you need to catch their eye right away.
  3. Read the job description, find the keywords and match your skills by highlighting in bold or changing word/phrases to mirror the employer’s wording.
  4. Be as precise as possible with employment dates
  5. Get the fundamentals right! List work experience in reverse chronological order. Ensure your basic contact details are on there.
  6. Don’t be afraid to reference an online professional profile like LinkedIn.
  7. Be really positive about your skills, experiences and achievements- it’s a sales pitch of you!
  8. Remember, it is a formal document- use a professional yet easy font type like Arial or Calibri.
  9. Don’t be afraid to leave things out (old qualifications/ old Saturday jobs)- if it’s not relevant, it’s not interesting
  10. Get someone else to check your CV for spellings, grammar and just to make sure it reads well!


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