Top Student Networking Tips

Top Student Networking Tips

Tuesday, 3rd of September

Top Student Networking Tips

Although university can be seen as one big party, it is also a great opportunity to create valuable relationships that will benefit your later career.

Here’s a few ideas for you.

Lecturers may be the most valuable people you’ll meet during your years at uni. This is because they are experts in their fields, often with a great reputation, and may have links with various companies  and other experts. If you push yourself up their ‘go-to’ list, they may suggest you for job opportunities or projects that they’re involved with. This could not only look great on your CV, but could also land you a great job.

As unappealing as it may sound, it’s a great idea to keep in contact with your secondary school. There are often groups where ex-pupils with great careers, give help and advice to other ex-pupils. This could lead you to gain handy tips, work experience, or even a job!

You may think of them as your drinking buddies, but friends from your course may turn out to be very successful professionals- so keeping in contact with them may prove to be valuable! If you have a study group make sure you discuss your career ambitions, this way, in the future they may suggest you for jobs or even hire you themselves.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can connect you to a lot of important people. If you follow graduate job sites you can be linked to thousands of companies, professionals, or like-minded students.

Remember to watch your social media footprint!

None of the above require much effort, but they could help you secure a glowing future.

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