Using Twitter to Find a Job

Using Twitter to Find a Job

Monday, 4th of February

Using Twitter to Find a Job
Using Twitter to Find a Job

MyKindaCrowd found out that Hannah Wilson found her new job using Twitter. We were so impressed that we just had to share her story with you all. Here, Hannah has written about how you can use twitter to find your new job…

Hannah's Story

I've just started working for XXY magazine as a writer - something I'm very excited about! I'm constantly searching for work experience and internships, and although I do randomly send my CV to companies, I have found most success using Twitter.

For the job at XXY, I saw a tweet advertising that they were looking for people to write for them, so sent my CV and a couple of examples of written work I had done. I was then contacted by the photography editor, who after some discussion about the role, offered me the job.

My advice to anybody looking for internships is to use Twitter - Several of the placements I have now completed were discovered via Twitter, including photographing at Fashion Week.

If you are using Twitter, make sure you are only following the necessary people. I mainly follow companies and individuals in the media/publishing industry, as this is where I want to work, and by following only relevant people, it means there's less chance I'll miss a vital tweet.

It's the standard cliché, but even if you don't hear back straight away, keep applying. Last year I contacted over 70 magazines for summer work experience and had 11 replies - which I've been told is a good ratio! Out of those, 3 were a 'yes', and it proved that after all the time spent applying, it was worth it in the end!

You can follow Hannah on Twitter @xHannahWilsonxx



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