Why an Apprenticeship?

Why an Apprenticeship?

Wednesday, 18th of March

Why an Apprenticeship?

We wanted to hear your views on apprenticeships and posed the question "Why an Apprenticeship?" for our National Apprenticeship Service challenge. Hanka Langerova, the challenge winner spoke to us about why this struck a chord and how work experience at the Skills Funding Agency has helped her.  

Why did you enter the Apprenticeships Challenge?

I entered the apprenticeship challenge because I had an idea about what I wanted to do, but was unsure about whether I was making the right decisions and using my skillsets to the best of my ability. I originally wanted to be a doctor and now I want to be a professional auditor.  The benefit of entering the competition was that it made me recognise my strengths and weaknesses, I was also attracted to the challenge because of the prize - a chance to carry out work experience and make a name for myself at an early age.

What did you do during your work experience?

When I first arrived at the office, I had a building tour and the opportunity to meet the whole team; even though I was a little bit nervous the staff were keen to teach me about the different aspects of their work and were very friendly. In the morning, I met the Director of the Skills Funding Agency in the North-East and had a short introduction to his daily tasks, finding out about his job in a nutshell. I learnt about how the Skills Funding Agency use marketing techniques and manage their campaigns. This was particularly interesting as it involved using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter!

What is your overall opinion of your work experience?

I was presented with a lot of new information, a lot of which I have never even heard of before. I also found out about the different aspects of the Skills Funding Agency as well as apprenticeships overall. The experience was interesting and enjoyable as I got see real-life work situations and met staff who worked there as a result of apprenticeships. I also found out a lot more about what it takes to create a successful organisation, implement exciting marketing campaigns as well as what goes into other aspects of an organisation such as accounting and auditing. Each person contributed to a bigger picture. The work experience I did as well as all the things I have learned will certainly help me with my future career.


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