Winner's Blog: Around the World

Winner's Blog: Around the World

Monday, 6th of July

Winner's Blog: Around the World

                           Hello and welcome to our blog!

We’re Katharine and Miriam, the lucky winners of MyKindaCrowd’s                                  Around the World Challenge.  


We have chosen to spend our prize on interrail passes, rail tickets that allow you to explore the whole of Europe for 30 days.

Having been friends for most of our 18 years, this summer is a long-awaited first independent trip away before we go our separate paths to university in September. Though our schedules will be packed, we hope to see the sights, meet new friends and have an adventure along the way!

We’ve spent around six months planning and after much deliberation we managed to narrow down our route to 9 destinations, Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Pula, Munich and Brussels.

The moments we are looking forward to the most are the ones you can’t plan; stepping off the train into a new city, learning how to order chips in Hungarian and having impromptu philosophical conversations with our fellow backpackers.

Hopefully you’ll hear about all this and more over the next few weeks as we will be blogging, tweeting and insta-bragging every step of the way!

See you soon,

Miriam and Katharine



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