Winner's Blog: London to Berlin

Winner's Blog: London to Berlin

Thursday, 9th of July

Winner's Blog: London to Berlin

Amsterdam was our first stop! The first adventure of our trip was catching an overnight ferry from Harwich to Hoek van Holland. The view from the deck when we boarded at 11pm was gorgeous.

And when it got darker, it was even better.

We got into Hoek van Holland at around 8am. From the train window, we drew several conclusions about the country of the Dutch: windmills and tulip fields aren't just an unrealistic cliché? We must have seen a dozen or so.

Everyone seems to own one of those beautiful Dutch bikes. We saw a few people cycling serenely along canals, which made us promise ourselves to hire bikes once in Amsterdam. The Dutch seem to take great pride in their national colour, orange. We even saw it on awnings on blocks of flats!

We’re now Prague having travelled via Berlin.

We didn't think that a twelve hour train journey could be anything special- more like an ordeal- but many interesting things happened upon the way, and there were some breath taking views once we reached the German-Czech border. We had to share our photos with you! 

When we changed trains at Berlin, we came across possibly the best sculpture anybody has ever made; a stack of our favourite German chocolate, Ritter Sport! 

In our compartment, we got chatting with some Norwegian girls who were fellow Interrailers, and a Swedish musician. We had some pretty deep conversations, and marvelled at the landscape passing us by- especially when the train track started following the river winding through the valley, with little towns perched on the banks. 

After this surprisingly not torturous train journey, we arrived in Prague! And so the adventure continues...

Talk later, 

Miriam and Katharine


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