Winners Story : IF! Britain

Winners Story : IF! Britain

Monday, 13th of May

Winners Story : IF! Britain

In January 2013 IF!Britain managed by Professionals Network embarked on a national search to find ideas from young people on how they think Britain could be improved.  Ideas flew in within the categories; Social, Economic and Environmental. In a wider approach, IF!Britain aims to connect Britain’s younger generation with businesses and professionals.  

Everyday we are exposed to headlines in the media highlighting the faults of our country; recession, cut on benefits, high levels of unemployment, feeble economic growth, a shrinking jobs market and bigger debt. Obesity is causing a massive strain on our healthcare system and an increase in alcohol consumption is creating larger health risks, as well as higher levels of alcohol-related crime.
The competition ran for over 3 months and IF!Britain were inundated with over 300 submissions!

Submissions were shortlisted to the top 60 and all the fantastic finalist’s were invited to a networking event organized by IF!Britain on the 24th of April 2013.
The event was attended by successful businesses, professionals, the judging panel, the board of IF!Britain mentors and not to forget the excellent finalists including the top 10.

The Winners

The top three winners were:

1) Rebecca Anne Hunter


Rebecca chose to receive the cash prize of £1000 for her winning idea and entry.
 “Britain should encourage schools to develop entrepreneurial skills in their pupils, making students realise that entrepreneurship is a visible career path and ultimately inspiring young people to start their own businesses.”

2) Mahmoudat Sanni-King

Mahmoudat received £500 with her winning idea of : 'The Strangers'.

"The Strangers is a neighbourhood mentoring programme that is designed to promote social cohesion and encourage communication. The idea is that you assign young people in a local borough, for example Hackney to someone older based on a profile that gives information about likes and interests, goals, career aspirations, achievement, hobbies and more."

3) James Gunn 

James Gunn suggested using Jobcentre's as an anchor,

"I hope my idea improves the lives of ex-offenders through education, mentoring and the provision of jobs. This new process will ensure ex-prisoners and young offenders are able to reintegrate into society better than before, thus breaking the cycle of re-offending.

James chose a 5* holiday for his prize! 

The top 7 finalists will be published in the business magazine. Congratulations and a big well done for their fantastic ideas!

  • Nick Burt
  • Henry Madell
  • Madeline St Clair Baker
  • Emily Poore
  • Antony Henderson
  • Dominic Williams
  • Jozsa Zalan

Great ideas from some of our finalists :

“Apprenticeships should be made an alternative to going to university”

“To improve Britain, links should be formed within the community to prevent the isolation of people”

“We should also support online business as they try to expand over seas, and may end up with”

“The purpose of this initiative was to give young people a way to get their ideas for improving Britain heard, and the quality of ideas has made it all worthwhile and proved just how valuable the input of younger generations is for the future of Britain.”
Yasmin Metin-Greenfield 



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