Winner's Story! Kyah Ellis Watches Warhorse In Theatre!

Winner's Story! Kyah Ellis Watches Warhorse In Theatre!

Thursday, 1st of November

Winner's Story! Kyah Ellis Watches Warhorse In Theatre!

2012 has definitely been a year of the remake and reproduction. With titles such as, Total Recall and Dredd already hitting the screens, as well as several other classics being turned into TV Dramas, books, film and theatre, we thought it was time an appropriate challenge was set!

Enter War Horse! A title which started off life as a book, was turned into a hugely successful play and has now been released as a movie! Inspired by this transition, the task was set to take an existing story and re-tell it in a completely different format!

It is here where we introduce the Warhorse Challenge Winner, Kyah Ellis, who did a superb job in retelling a classic story with her own imaginative twist!

As a reward for such fantastic story telling, Kyah was the recipient of tickets to see the stage play of War Horse at the New London Theatre. She was also given the chance to go backstage and have a peek at the amazing sets and puppets of the play. Furthermore, Kyah's dreams came true when she had the opportunity to have a personal meeting with the Director!

Here's what she had to say about the experience:

What do you like most about Warhorse?

'The horses are so realistic, seeing it was the second time for me because I had been with school before, but even though I'd seen it, it was great."

What did you enjoy most about the play?

'You really feel for all the characters. The lights and costumes and all the effects feel so realistic, it really takes you back.'

How was the tour of the backstage?

'When I went back stage we saw the costumes and the changing rooms. The detail is amazing!! It must have taken ages.'

MyKindaCrowd and Kyah had a fantastic time at Warhorse and we would like to thank everyone involved for making this opportunity a possibility!




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