Winner's Story: McDonalds ' Get Experienced '

Winner's Story: McDonalds ' Get Experienced '

Thursday, 10th of January

Bring the dining experience from 2020 to 2012

McDonalds set a challenge to young people asking them how they could bring the dining experience from 2020 to 2012. The challenge focussed on technology within McDonalds restaurants and how this could advance their customers dining experience. McDonalds received so many amazing responses.

Creative idea's were bursting at the seams! We took the all the entries to McDonlads Head Office in East Finchely, London and started working our way through all the submissions. After much deliberating we finally narrowed it down to our top ideas from students!


The finalists chosen were : Ryan England, Vannessa Louise, and Esther Olu. We also had some school winners from : Freman College : Chris Bunce, Ollie Copey and Sam Draper. South Craven College: Rowan French, Sarah Whitmarsh Queen Elizabeth Grammar School : Joanna Ben-Joseph, Elizabeth Mas,Isabel Speakman, Alex Causer.

The Apprentice Style Day at McDonalds HQ.

The day began with the students having a tour around the HQ. This included the McDonalds university where current McDonald students were in a lecture theatre learning about Business Management. The university is complete with lecture theatres, classrooms and a student chill out zone.

McDonalds offers their employees the opportunity to grow and become qualified in a degree. Many of their degree's are based around management and communication and allows employees to start as a trainee in a restaurant right the way up to working in the HQ in a team.

Next to the university is the McDonalds restaurant. This is the central place where limited edition meals or trial meals are tried out. If the McDonalds staff like it, it is sure to be a winner in all of the restaurants!

First off the students were shown around the kitchen. They discovered that McDonalds have strict timings and procedures with making their meals. The students were able to make their own smoothies (these aren't even out in McDonalds restaurants yet!), McFlurry's and cheese burgers!

The students quickly drank their smoothies and cheese burgers and then headed back up to a McDonalds classroom. The students then started developing their ideas for the product to bring the 'dining experience of 2020 to 2012.'

After much thought and development, the students broke for lunch, trying out McDonlads' latest meals and back to the classroom where they met with the judges who were able to offer them a little insight and ask a few questions about their products. Once, the judges left – final preparations were made to their pitches.

Now it was crunch time. The four judges came back and took their places to watch the pitches from the 3 groups. Group by group they took centre stage and presented their idea to the judges. Each group did fantastically well and it was a tough choice for the judges! After much deliberation and near fights (not really) a decision was made!

The Submissions

We had Freman College, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School and Ryan England attend the McDonalds Apprentice Style Day. Freman College – McDonlads App.

Freman College

The students created a McDonalds App, where consumers would be able to view the McDonalds menu, earn rewards for purchasing certain meals and suggestions for different meals they could try. The App acted as a customer relationship management system that could recognise customers via a membership card and still kept the McDonald's personal experience with their customers. This would allow customers to customise their meals and remember their previous orders.

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

The girls from Queen Elizabeth Grammar School created a McThermal bag. The idea was based on personal experience when McDonalds customers would buy a McDonalds meal, return home and find that their food was cold. The McThermal bag used special material to keep the food warm. The girls suggested the idea could be especially useful for commuters , lorry drivers and students.

The bag would help save on seating space in restaurants and be easily foldable to put in handbags. The McThermal bag would also save McDonalds from issuing paperbags to carry food in. Additional features include a 'bag deposit' system which customers could return their bags, this would be fully recyclable and they would be issued with a new one, or returned their £1 when they first bought the bag.

Ryan England

Ryan created an app that would decrease long queue's that customers sometimes face when walking into a McDonalds restaurant. Customers would be able to order their food, pick up their food at a designated queue especially for those who have used the app. They would also be able to pay through the app ahead of collecting their food.

Overall Winner

Freman College were chosen as the overall winners! Well done to Chris Bunce, Ollie Copey and Sam Draper!


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